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"Nothing’s going to change in your life unless you do."
-Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)
"Five years removed from the world that is Warped tour, I was a bit nervous as to how the summer would take shape. Worries of being too old or too far disconnected from the origin of where our band originally was birthed would not cease to cloud my mind. Eight weeks and more than forty shows later, I speak to you in a tone of appreciation and extreme gratitude. This summer has not only reinstilled our passion for performing, but reignited the spark of youth that flow through these same veins on this same tour back in 2009. A tremendous thank you is in order to the great people who clocked in day in and day out, setting up stages, serving food, making the wheels turn, and providing ideal days for a music festival of this magnitude. Thank you to all involved with Warped tour; the bands, the crew, and all behind the scenes that made this summer so radical. And last, but absolutely not least, thank you to all who came out and lost your voices with us this summer. Your continued support humbles us daily, and we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to create and play music for you. If you keep listening, we’ll keep creating. Thank you from the whole of our hearts. We’ll see you when we’re looking at you."
-John O’Callaghan - Warped tour update #4 (x)

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